International Student Tuition & Fees


  • International Students are required to take a minimum of 12 units during the semester to maintain F-1 status.
  • Tuition, fees, and health insurance fees are subject to change without notice.
  • All new F-1 students will pay a mandatory insurance surcharge to cover the seminar and pre-enrollment period before their first term begins.

Fall 2024 - Summer 2025


Academic Tuition & Fees 1 Academic Year
(24 units in 2 semesters, no sessions)

Enrollment Fee $46 per unit
Non-Resident Tuition $374 per unit
Non-Resident Surcharge $24 per unit
Total Non-Resident Tuition $444 per unit



SMC Health Fee

$26 per semester; $22 per session


Associated Students Resource Fee

$10 per semester/session


Student Benefits Fee

$22.50 per semester/session


Student Representation Fee

$2 per semester/session


Health Insurance (mandatory) $1096.50 for one semester and one session plus $182.75  initial insurance fee, first semester only.


** If you enroll in more than 12 units in one semester, you will pay more non-resident tuition because this fee is charged per unit.

For detailed fee information, visit Tuition & Fees for SMC International Students.

Intensive English Program

Fee Type Tuition and Fees

Program Cost Spring, Summer, Fall 2022

$1000 per month


$23/semester; $20/session

Associated Students Resource Fee


Student Benefits Fee (per semester/session)


Student Representation Fee (per semester/session)


Health Insurance (mandatory)

$1096.50 for one semester and one session plus $182.75 initial insurance fee, first term only. This fee is pro-rated for students who join the IEP after the beginning of the traditional semester.

Estimated Expenses

Expense Estimate Per 1 Month Estimate Per 9 Months
Living Expenses

$1,284 (based on a homestay with 2 meals per day)


Books and Supplies

$873 per semester

$1,746 (2 semesters)

Personal Expenses



Estimated Total Expenses for Fall 2024 to Spring 2025: $30,715 USD
Academic year required on the bank statement for SMC Admission

Estimated Total Expenses for the IXD program for Fall 2023 to Spring 2024:  $30,000 USD

Estimated Dependent Expenses

  • Dependent: $11,556 USD (based on 9 months)

*Students with free room and board in the Santa Monica area may deduct $11,556 USD from the total expenses.

Wire Transfer Information

If you choose to wire transfer money to SMC, here are the instructions.

Wire transfer only accepted for:

  • SMC Tuition and School Fees (health and activity)
  • SMC Insurance
  • Application fee or Seminar fee

Do not wire transfer money to SMC for your tuition and fees until you have been accepted to SMC and receive your I-20 and have secured an F-1 Visa.

You will need to include additional funds for every wire transfer to cover the cost of federal wire system and SWIFT Network charges

Send to:

JPMorgan Chase
Government, Not-For-Profit & Healthcare Banking
Los Angeles, CA 90071
Credit to: Santa Monica College
Account #: 569288751
Fed Wire #: 0210000-21
Swift Network #: CHASUS33

Include the Student’s Name & Passport Number & Application Identification Number (Application ID#).

Incoming wires are subject to Federal Wire System charges of $18.00 or SWIFT network charges of $19.00. Charges may change without prior notice.