Admissions & Aid




Welcome to the Santa Monica College Financial Aid Orientation!

Take the time to go over this brief orientation for essential information about your financial aid award.

Through this online orientation, you will get important information about the following questions:

  1. Where do I receive financial aid status and award information? (Section 2) 
  2. What is the differences between a grant, a work study job, and a loan? (Section 3) 
  3. Do I get all of the money on my award letter? (Section 4) 
  4. What is the Financial Aid Census Day? And why is it important? (Section 5) 
  5. When do I get my money? (Section 6) 
  6. What are the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements for me? (Section 7) 
  7. What if I drop any or all of my classes? (Section 8) 
  8. How do I get a Work Study Job? (Section 9) 
  9. Loan Policy and Procedures (Section 10) 
  10. Winter Pell and Summer Pell (Section 11)