Admissions & Aid

What if I Drop Any or All of My Classes?


If you withdraw from all classes before the 60% point, you may owe part of the federal aid you received (also known as Title IV funds) back to the Federal Government.

Students that fail to return all unearned Federal Aid will be reported to the Department of Education as an overpayment. Students reported as owing an overpayment are no longer eligible to receive Federal Aid at any school.

What happens if I drop classes after I receive my financial aid check(s), but do not drop all classes?

Your Pell, Cal Grant, and SEOG eligibility for a term is based on your enrollment level on the Financial Aid Census Day which will be around the 10th week of the Fall term and the 11th week of the Spring term.

If you receive your first payment based on an enrollment level of full time, 3/4 time, or 1/2 time — and then drop to less than 1/2 time before the Financial Aid Census Day, you will be considered to have been overpaid. The difference between your less than 1/2 time eligibility and what you were already paid—must be repaid!

Students that do not repay their overpayment will have a hold placed on their records!