Global Citizenship

2015-17: Gender Equity: Is Equity Enough?


The Global Council is pleased to announce the 2015-2017 Theme Voting Results.

With 27% of the vote, the Global Citizenship Annual Theme for Academic Years 2015-2017 is:

Gender Equity: Is Equity Enough?

The theme was described as:

“A person’s gender greatly impacts one’s opportunities and constraints in all aspects of life. Globally whether we are discussing inadequate access to education, a lack of access to health care, the achievement gap between boys and girls, forced early marriages in some countries, or unequal employment opportunities, gender inequities remain shockingly persistent. One of United Nations 2015 Millennial Development Goals is the promotion of gender equity and the empowerment of women.”

As in past years, we will be compiling a list of reading materials, films, and other forms of media that are related to the annual theme.

Please see the full breakdown of the vote below:

Theme Voting Percentage
Gender Equity: Is Equity Enough? 27%
Interconnectivity: One Planet, One People? 25%
Climate Change: Have We Reached the Anthropocene? 17%
Symbiosis: Is Holism Harmony? 16%
Non-Verbal Communication in a World of Words: Are We Listening? 15%

Thanks to everyone who voted and we’re looking forward to see the activities and events that faculty and staff use to bring awareness of this theme to the campus community.