Global Citizenship

2022-24: Risk, Refuge & Resilience


Every two years the Global Citizenship Committee selects an academic theme. The goal of the theme is to provide students and faculty with a tangible set of issues to illustrate the more abstract ideas of globalism and citizenship.

The theme can be incorporated into numerous classes, campus events, and extracurricular activities throughout the year, and everyone throughout the college is invited to interpret and explore the theme as a means of thinking and acting as global citizens. The theme for 2022-24 is Risk, Refuge & Resilience.

We invite students, faculty and staff to reflect on current and historical matters that reference risk, refuge and/or resilience and contemplate the ways in which these have manifested individually and socially. Questions for your consideration:



  • What perils does humanity face? 
  • How have humans navigated uncertainty in the past?
  • What groups of individuals have been/are particularly vulnerable?
  • What should we be willing to put on the line for a better tomorrow?
  • How do I manage risk in my own life?


  • What does emotional security look like?
  • How do we provide shelter for vulnerable populations?
  • How do private citizens respond to international crises?
  • Where do you find comfort?
  • What does preserving our environment for future generations look like?


  • What motivates you to persevere through difficulty?
  • How have you dealt with societal disruptions in your own life?
  • How have groups survived adversity?
  • What does physical and/or emotional strength look like?
  • What are the lessons of resiliency?

It is the hope of the Global Citizenship Committee that these questions be the starting point for the SMC community to explore the themes of risk, refuge and resilience, examining their interdependence in various fields of study and/or everyday life.

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Spotlighting Student Work

Throughout the academic year, SMC students' work will be featured to demonstrate the various ways in which the risk, refuge and resilience theme is conveyed in different disciplines.

We are interested in your ideas about Risk, Refuge & Resilience

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