Global Citizenship

2018-20: Justice


​​​​Global Theme 2018-20: Justice

Every two years the Global Citizenship Committee selects an academic theme. The goal of the theme is to provide students and faculty with a tangible set of issues to illustrate the more abstract ideas of globalism and citizenship.

The theme can be incorporated into numerous classes, campus events, and extracurricular activities throughout the year, and everyone throughout the college is invited to interpret and explore the theme as a means of thinking and acting as global citizens.

The theme for 2018-20 is Justice.

Questions to consider regarding Justice:

  • Is there a universal definition of Justice?

  • How do justice and activism intersect?

  • How is justice achieved?

  • Is it possible to develop a just society from the top down?

  • What are the boundaries of justice?

    • Toward other species and ecosystems

    • In the past, present and future

    • On a national level

    • On an international level

  • What is an individual’s responsibility to justice?

  • Has our understanding of justice evolved?