Get Involved!


Attention SMC Students! 


  • Being active on campus helps you build leadership skills, motivates you to get involved and provides you with an opportunity to meet new people.
  • The Associated Students is designed to provide students with an opportunity to get involved in the college. Through their involvement, students will gain valuable leadership skills which they can later use no matter where they go. 
  • After reviewing the two student leadership opportunities below, you may complete our electronic leadership application during the first 12 weeks of the Fall & Spring Semesters:  


A.S. Commissioners

Commissioners work in conjunction with their respective Directors.

Each Director may have up to 4 Commissioners to assist them in their duties. 

The Commissioner duties are delegated by each A.S. Director, therefore it will vary depending on the director's projects and responsibilities.


A.S. Committee Representatives

Want to become more involved with Associated Students? We invite you to apply to join one of our committees, or apply to represent the student body at the campus-wide committee meetings. It's a great opportunity to make a difference on campus.

A.S. Committee members are students who sit on the A.S. in-house committees to complete A.S. Projects, A.S. Events, A.S. Town Halls, etc.

A.S. Representatives are committee members who represent the student-interest on SMC Campus Wide Committees, such as,  DPAC (District Planning Advisory Council), Academic Senate Committees, Honors Council, etc.

Activity Hour

The activity hour is a time designed to provide students with an opportunity to interact with one another, meet fellow peers, and simply get involved.  It takes place Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 11:15 am - 12:45 pm. To learn more about the activities taking place check out our A.S. Events page, which includes the Inter-Club Council (ICC) Events as well.

Inter-Club-Council (ICC) - Clubs

The best way to get involved in student life is to join or start a club. Clubs range all the way from academics to cultural, religious, and political interests. Check out our Inter-Club Council Page, see menu on the left.