Student Government

A.S. Membership Benefits


How to Become an A.S. Member and Enjoy the Benefits.

  • Pay the A.S. Resource fee of $10, when you pay for your tuition & fees online through your student Corsair Connect.

    • We recommend you have a copy of your fees paid available upon request. Benefits may request proof of your paid fee to recieve resources.


Look at all these benefits you get for only $10 a semester!

    1. Access to A.S. Computer Lab & free limited Printing ($15 value) located above the cafeteria. 
      1. Students have access to a Chrome-Book Laptop on-loan while supplies last.
      2. Printing on campus is temporarily free across campus.
    2. Free Scantrons & Blue Books ($18 approximate value).
      1. Students are eligible to receive 1 each per day. Students can come to the Cayton Center; 2nd floor at the start of Spring Semester to receive this benefit.
    3. *Campus Events and Activities sponsored by Associated Students *
      1. Activity Hour (Tuesday and Thursday at 11:15 a.m.)
      2. Saturday and Evening Events.
      3. Free Admission to SMC athletic events.
    4. Join one of our 50+ clubs or Start a Club! 
      1. For more information for available clubs, visit our Inter-Club Council webpage.
      2. Funding for Club Activities and Projects.
    5. Access to our designated Student Life Counselors (email us at:
    6. Student Discounts
      1. Student tickets - some SMC theater productions. (SMC Events Box Office).
      2. 5% - 10% ($30 approx. value) at participating local restaurants. Some vendors that are not listed may give a student discount if you provide your SMC Student ID Card.
    7. Associated Students Leadership Opportunities (various student government positions - elected or appointed).
      1. Student Advocacy & Leadership appointments at Regional and Statewide levels.
      2. Institutional Student Representative and Committee opportunities
    8. **A.S. Fees supports resources across campus, **
      1. Funding assistance for SMC Departments & SMC Programs for student success.
        1. Examples
          1. Glasses for Classes (applications available at the SMC Health Office)
          2. Limited Emergency Fund Assistance
          3. Student Relief Fund (by Academic Senate & A.S. - see an A.S. Counselor).
          4. Leadership & Study Abroad Scholarship opportunities
        2. Free Bicycle Repair Classes / Shop Hours / Shop Tools ($84 approx. value) at Bikerowave
        3. Kinecta Credit Union– Membership Now Available to Students!

    *Follow our Instagram account @smc_as, we continue to provide both in-person, virtual, and hybrid events

    **These resources are available through the various departments and programs that oversee the resources. This is not a complete list; new resources are supported by A.S. every year.