Earth Week 2022


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Earth Week 2022, April 18-22

Celebrate Earth Week with SMC's Eco Action Club by learning about Environmental Equity, the protection from environmental hazards as well as access to environmental benefits, regardless of income, race, and other characteristics. 

*Check with your professors to see if they offer extra credit for attendance.

IMPORTANT: Sign up for each of the following days you want to attend 

Monday, April 18, 11:15 -12:30 

Financing climate destruction and sacrificing neighborhoods for cheap power using your money.

How the financial sector impacts equity and how to vote with your dollars in big and small ways. Monday Zoom Recording

Speaker: Jackie Fielder, Stop the Money Pipeline. 

Monday Quiz Link 

Tuesday, April 19, 11:15 -12:30

Food Equity and Security. How disparities exist in access to healthy food between different communities in the same region. Tuesday Zoom Recording

Speaker: Lizzy Moore, Dean of Institutional Advancement. 

Tuesday Quiz Link

Wednesday, April 20, 11:15 -12:30

Equity for indigenous people’s rights. Here from front-line activists in Colombia about anti-fracking; environmental conflicts;

attacks on human rights and the assassinations of environmental leaders who stand up to defend their land. Wednesday Zoom Recording

Speaker: Luisa Acuna from Bucaramanga, Colombia and Madelyn Hoffman from Colombia Grassroot Support. 

Wednesday Quiz Link

Wednesday, April 20 (Fullerton College Divestment webinars)

[NO EXTRA CREDIT] Fullerton College hosted a two-part webinar exploring fossil fuel divestment as a climate action strategy.

First webinar included two keynote speakers: First Webinar recording

1. Antonia Juhasz, author of The Tyranny of Oil, Twitter: @AntoniaJuhasz, Antonia Juhasz Website 

2. Tom Sanzillo, Director of Financial Analysis at the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, Tom Sanzillo Linkedin

Second webinar included LA community colleges discussing their de-carbonization and divestment efforts. Second Webinar recording

Thursday, April 21, 11:15 -12:30

Environmental Justice. Why are some neighborhoods burdened with soil, air and water pollution more than others? How does that

impact residents and what can data do to change things? Thursday Zoom Recording

Speaker: Bhavna Shamasunder, Urban & Environmental Policy & Public Health, Occidental College. 

Thursday Quiz Link

Friday, April 22

Movie Screening of The Lorax, a classic by Dr. Seuss. (7 - 9:30 p.m.)This movie is in-person with limited capacity. No extra credit for attending this event…but you WILL enjoy it.

Main campus quad. RSVP required since capacity is limited. A.S. merch and snacks provided. Hosted by the AS.

City Nature Challenge

April 29- May 2 -Bonus action* Be a citizen scientist by taking photos of wild plants and animals in your neighborhood. This will help scientists to know what species are around, what stage of life, and how many, so that they may better protect them. Steps to participate and get extra credit:

  • Download the iNaturalist app
  • Create a profile
  • Take photos
  • Upload to app
  • Submit screenshot of your summary at the end so you can get extra credit (if your professor is offering it)

**Extra Credit

Students earning extra credit must sign up (same link as above) so we can send you a “Knowledge Check” after the event so you can prove you attended.  A list of names of students who answer correctly will be sent to your professor for extra credit. The deadline to submit the knowledge check is Friday (4/29) at 11:59 p.m.

You will have to login to your online SMC account to access the knowledge check. (Same login you use for Canvas, your SMC Google account, and most of SMC’s online services).

The user name would be your official SMC email:



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