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Sustainability at SMC

Campus sustainability provides students who want to experience the challenge of solving real-world problems with opportunities to apply their learning in ways that prepare them for future careers. We believe institutions of higher education should “educate students for character and citizenship as much for commerce and career.” Our mission to prepare students for global citizenship necessitates educating them in principles of sustainability and engaging them in a step-by-step process of implementing such principles on a daily basis. SMC strives to be a leader in campus sustainability, which can be found in everything we do from campus facilities and buildings to student life including classes and degrees. 

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Sustainability Center

Sustainability Center

The Sustainability Center is a living laboratory with many green building features presented in an educational demonstration model.

environmental degrees and certificates

Environmental Certificates and Degrees

Campus sustainability provides students with opportunities to apply their learning in ways that prepare them for future careers.

students recycling

Recycling at SMC

The Recycling department collects SMC’s discarded items enabling them to be used as resources for new products thereby diverting the material from becoming waste and entering the landfill.

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Learn More About:

solar panel installation

Green Jobs

Find a green job on campus, or explore the various career paths available in sustainability, researching general industry topics covered in the field, and finding employment in related industries.

zero waste event

Policies and Programs

Learn what SMC is doing to achieve its climate goals and how Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion are centered in our efforts.
sustainable buildings at smc

Sustainable Facilities at SMC

Learn about sustainability features of the Santa Monica College campus.
students taking the big blue bus

Transportation Options

Explore alternatives to get to campus without driving alone. 70% of our students get to campus by bus, train, carpool, bike, scooter or walking.

Get Involved

beach cleanup event


Look out for annual events in April, May, September, and October.

eco club

Eco Clubs

Join one of our clubs!
Eco-Action Club, SMC Bike Club, Club Grow.

organic learning garden

Organic Learning Garden

Learn how to grow your own food, and achieve a better understanding of food systems!

sustainable works student workshop

Student Greening Workshop

Join us for a unique, peer-to-peer educational program where students learn about important environmental issues.


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Sustainability at SMC
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SMC Sustainability in the News


Contact Us


Phone: 310-434-3909


1744 Pearl St.
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Sustainability Center: Campus Map

Work for Us

If you qualify for Federal Work-Study through Financial Aid and are interested in a job at the Sustainability Center, please check HireSMC for details.

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