Recycling at SMC


About Us

The Recycling department collects SMC’s discarded items enabling them to be used as resources for new products thereby diverting the material from becoming waste and entering the landfill.

Our goal supports the college's mission of providing a sustainable learning environment where students learn the value of the earth’s resources by recycling and vermicomposting and their contributions to the global community.


If you have any questions regarding when your pick up is scheduled, you can contact us directly. The schedules vary each semester due to student worker schedules.


Email with questions or emergency pickup requests. Or you can call (310) 434-3909

Common Recycling Questions for Faculty and Staff

Q: How do I recycle electronics?
A: Email & put "Surplus/Obsolete Equipment" in the subject line. Also, make sure to label items as E-waste. Note: These requests are specifically for faculty and staff only.

Q: How do I dispose of cardboard boxes?
A: Email with pickup requests. Please make sure all boxes are broken down and stacked neatly. 

Basic Do's and Don't of Recycling

  • Drain liquids before recycling.
  • Recycle paper, cardboard and chipboard boxes in separate bins to keep them dry and clean.
  • Flatten cardboard boxes to make room for more.
  • No paper coffee cups or lids. 
  • No foil packaging like chip bags of snack bars. 
  • No napkins, paper towels, tissues, or food-soiled paper plates or containers.
  • No utensils. 

Shredding Guidelines

Shredding shortens paper fibers, reducing the number of times paper can be recycled.

  • Only shred sensitive documents. Don't just shred the whole pile.
  • For all other paper, recycle normally in paper recycle bins.
  • No carbon paper (contamination)
  • No plastic (contamination)
  • Paperclips & staples are OK
  • Tape & labels are OK