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Campus sustainability provides students who want to experience the challenge of solving real-world problems with opportunities to apply their learning in ways that prepare them for future careers. Leaders in campus sustainability challenge our higher education institutions to “educate students for character and citizenship as much for commerce and career.” Our mission to prepare students for global citizenship necessitates educating them in principles of sustainability and engaging them in a step-by-step process of implementing such principles on a daily basis.

Associate Degrees

Certificates in Sustainable Technologies (for credit)

Certificates of Completion, Sustainable Technologies (noncredit, free enrollment)

Sustainability-Focused Courses

Choose from a wide array of Sustainability-focused courses. NOTE: Not all sections are taught with a sustainability lens. Look for the professors who teach the course you want from the list below. 

  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (Anthro 2 - Professor Grebler)
  • The Culture of Food (Anthro 19)
  • Introduction to Business in Sustainability (Bus 7)
  • Sustainability Reporting in Business (Bus 7B)
  • Corporate Sustainability Strategies in Business (Bus 7C)
  • Business Strategies and Social Sustainability (Bus 7D)
  • Southern California's International Connections and Blue/Ocean Economy (Bus 55)
  • Environmental Economics (Enviro 4/ Econ 4)
  • Environmental Studies (Enviro7/ Geog 7)
  • Global Environmental History (Enviro 14/ Hist 14)
  • Environmental Ethics (Enviro 20/ Philo 20)
  • Environmental Politics (Enviro 22/ Pol Sc 22)

  • Environmental Psychology (Enviro 40/ Psych 40)

  • Environmental Biology (Bio 9)

  • Applied Ecology and Conservation Biology (Bio 10)

  • Recycling and Resource Management (RRM 1, RRM 2, RRM 3, RRM 4)

  • Green Screen Series - Films on the Environment and Transformation (Film 5)

  • Sustainable Design (IARC 55)

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