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Welcome to the Student Sustainability Workshops!

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Syllabus/Workshop Schedule

By participating in the Workshops participants agree to adhere to the outlined requirements on the syllabus to successfully complete the Workshop. The Spring 2022 syllabus will be posted closer to the beginning of the Spring semester.

Weekly Breakdown

Workshop #1: Introduction - Read Intro & Water Chapters, Complete "Before" Student Sustainability Survey and write down results from the Ecological Footprint Quiz.

Workshop #2: Water - Implement 3 Water Action Items, Read Energy Chapter

Workshop #3: Energy - Implement 3 Energy Action Items, Read Waste & Shopping Chapter

Workshop #4: Waste/Shopping - Implement 3 Waste and Shopping Action Items, Read Chemicals Chapter, Project #1 Assigned

Workshop #5: Chemicals - Implement 3 Chemicals Action Items, Read Transportation Chapter, Project #1 Due, and Project #2 Assigned. Look up a personal care product on the Environmental Working Group "Skin Deep" Database

Workshop #6: Transportation - Implement 3 Transportation Action Items, Read Food Chapter, Project #2 Due, and Project #3 Assigned 

Workshop #7: Food - Implement 3 Food Action Items. Project #3 Due. Volunteer Form due. Complete "After" Student Sustainability Survey to see how you've improved. Turn in any make-up assignments to student leaders by next week. 

Workshop #8: Wrap Up - Make-up assignments and "After" Survey are due. 


Read the Chapters as assigned on the syllabus or above on the Weekly Breakdown section. Click a chapter to download:


  • Before Survey - This survey must be completed by the second workshop meeting. To complete this survey you must first take the Ecological Footprint Quiz
  • After Survey - This survey must be completed by the last workshop meeting. To complete this survey you must first take the Ecological Footprint Quiz

At-Home Projects/Volunteer Opportunities

Currently we are offering students the option of completing 3 at-home projects or completing 3 hours of community service with an organization on the community service list provided by Sustainable Works. To successfully complete the Workshops students must choose one of the two options. 


  • Project #1 - Waste Assessment
  • Project #2 - Chemicals Assignment
  • Project #3 - Food Assignment

Community Service Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities are listed below, remember to always register beforehand to volunteer. We recommend registering a couple of weeks beforehand to guarantee your spot. Make sure to take your volunteer form with you to the event so that the volunteer coordinator/supervisor can sign it. Volunteer hours must be a minimum of 3 hours. *New volunteer opportunities will be listed once the Workshops begin in Spring 2022*

  • Volunteer Form - Print this form and take it to your volunteer event. This form must be filled out and signed by the coordinator at the volunteer event. The completed form must be turned into your Workshop leader.