SMC In Focus, Volume II, Issue 2


SMC Professors Spread the Message of Financial Literacy

Associate Professor of Accounting Ming Lu, hears students bemoan the costs of their education but notices that they're wearing expensive clothing and carrying the latest gadgets.

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Lifelong Community: Emeritus

"The name of the piece I'm going to read is called 'Pistol Packin' Mama'..."

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New Technologies Enrich the Classroom

The flipped classroom model expands the teaching environment by reversing the order of lectures and coursework.

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SMC Community Education Opens New Doors

Classes on a wide range of topics are also offered online.

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The Director's Six Senses, Scalia's Seat, and More

A list of accomplishments by the community of SMC.

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Solid Starts for Children

Santa Monica College provided the perfect foundation in this dynamic discipline to help her fulfill children's needs.

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