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Change, Inside Out

Volume VIII, Issue 1, February 7, 2022
SMC in Focus’s first issue of 2022 celebrates a few of the many agents of change who work tirelessly to embody Santa Monica College’s commitment: that anyone who wants to transform their lives through education, can do so, with a “family” who will support them throughout. So, we present two professors helping more students move ahead to transfer-level English & Math; a counselor working with formerly incarcerated students; a basic needs project manager who understands basic needs first-hand; and more. SMC leads change, as these individuals prove, from the inside out.  

Jamar London

The Sum of His Presidency

Academic Senate President & Math Professor Jamar London knows all about falling behind through no fault of his own. His life experiences have made Jamar an unusually empathetic teacher (and leader).

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Jessica Krug

Leading the Retreat

As she helped craft the English department’s response to AB 705, Jessica Krug came to see how remediation—her teaching niche—backfires, dragging down the students it purports to uplift. 

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Nick Bravo

Bravo for Second Chances

Counselor Nick Bravo represents SMC’s dedication to removing obstacles for everyone, including those formerly incarcerated or impacted by the justice system, who want to make a new start. 

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Sharlyne Massillon

Food for Thought

Sharlyne Massillon, SMC’s first basic needs project manager, started working at SMC as an intern. And her personal experience taught her how difficult college life can be for students with basic needs.

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Kevin Coleman Film

Bragging Rights

An Emeritus student turned 100 and was featured on the Today Show. A journalism professor leads the way. One thousand forty-nine students received necessary food support over winter break.

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Delia Padilla

Growing Up, Right Before Our Eyes

HR analyst Delia Padilla, “a rock star,” has grown up at Santa Monica College. She looks back at 25+ years of life at SMC, the people and experiences who have molded her.

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