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Winter/Spring 2021 Applications

The Winter/Spring 2021 application is now open.​ The application will close on January 7, 2021 at 5:00p PST.  We are unable to accept applications after this date.

Instructions are below and should be read carefully to ensure accuracy of application submission:​

​Required Items

Submit/upload ALL of the following items along with a completed electronic application (including all required fields*) by the deadline listed. Application submissions missing the required documents/materials will not be processed. (NOTE: A Scholars Program application is separate from the Santa Monica College Admissions application.)

  1. Provide transcripts showing the minimum requirement of a 3.0 GPA. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable.  Note that the Program/contracts may not work for students who have 30+ transferable units. 

 Freshmen Students

    • Freshmen students with no college work (in progress or completed), must submit high school transcripts covering 9th through 12th grade. 
    • Freshman students who have completed college coursework (in progress or completed) by concurrent or dual enrollment, must submit high school and college transcripts.
    • Freshmen students currently enrolled in 11 or fewer college units must submit high school (9th - 12th), college transcripts AND
      Grade Check Forms ​(or email from faculty indicating your current grade in the course) for courses in progress.
    • Freshmen students currently enrolled in 12 college units must submit Grade Check Forms for each course ​(or email from faculty indicating your current grade in the course)

    • Freshmen students who do not have a full high school transcript but have passed the High School Proficiency Examination will need to submit a copy of their equivalency certificate AND a copy of their high school transcripts covering each grade completed.
      International students with foreign academic records must complete 12+ college units at a U.S. institution before applying.
    • Please note:  High School Concurrent Enrollment students are specially approved by their high schools to take specific courses at SMC on a case by case basis.  Note that this population is not appropriate for the Scholars Program. They cannot be admitted to Scholars, nor enroll in Scholars classes.  This policy helps ensure the Scholars Program prioritizes and serves the students its founding purpose and mission guide it to serve.

      As a reminder, here are the SMC admission requirements for regular new students:

      • Must be 18 years of age or older; or younger student who has graduated from a regionally accredited high school; or
      • 16 years of age and possessing a "Student Score Report" or passing the California High School Proficiency Examination.

Continuing Students (completed 12+ college units)

    • Continuing students with less than 12 college units completed must meet high school admission eligibility (see above criteria)
    • Continuing students must submit a copy of their SMC transcripts. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable.
    • Continuing students who have previously attended other colleges or universities must submit transcripts for all colleges attended. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable. (Note: Admissions policies require students to declare all colleges attended. Failure to do so will jeopardize a student's transfer status.)
    • International students with foreign academic records must complete 12+ college units, or if units are in progress, submit Grade Check Forms​, (or email from faculty indicating your current grade in the course) from a U.S. institution before applying.

2.  Provide proof of English 1 eligibility. Eligibility may be demonstrated with proof of any of the following:

    • ​​SMC Guided Self Placement (English 1 eligibility)  Note: English 1 with 28 will not meet this requirement
    • College transcript (completion of an appropriate English 1 prerequisite)
    • AP Test score of 3 or greater (English Lit/Comp or English Language)
    • Note: If you have already completed English 1 or English 1 with 28, you only need to submit your college transcript indicating your completion of the course.

3.  Supply one letter or recommendation from an instructor or counselor. The letter should be from someone who can comment on the applicant's work ethic and academic ability.  Letter can be given to the student for submission or emailed directly to scholarsapplication@smc.eduDue to the unique challenges of remote instruction, Winter/Spring 2021 applicants will not be required to submit a letter of recommendation, 

4.  In less than 500 words, please respond to the following question: Why do you want to be part of the Scholars program? In what ways will being part of the program advance your educational and personal goals?


  • The Scholars Program contract may not benefit students with 30+ transferable units completed. For example, students planning to apply this Fall for the following year are not ideal candidates for the Scholars Program because they will not meet the Scholars certification requirements by the time they must submit their UC application. These students will not be able to enjoy the benefits of the Scholars Program by the time they are applying to transfer.
  • Violation of SMC's Rules for Student Conduct (AR 4410), the Code of Academic Conduct (AR 4411), and/or the Honor Code (AR 4412) will prevent students from being admitted into the program and will be grounds for dismissal of continuing Scholars Program students.
  • All application packets must be complete upon submission. The Application Review Committee may request additional information when necessary. All communication between the Scholars Program and the applicant will only go through the applicant's SMC email (so you MUST include this email address in your application).
  • Submit/upload completed application materials through the electronic submission process below. As an alternative, unofficial transcripts can also be submitted directly to the Scholars Program office during office hours.
  • Questions regarding the application procedure may be directed to the Scholars Program office at (310) 434-4371 or ​

Instructions for electronic submission of application materials are below.  Please read ALL instructions prior to pressing the "Apply" button, as you will be directed away from this page.

Once you log-in to Corsair Connect

  • Click on the Enrollment tab on the upper right corner of your page
  • Click on Counseling Services in the left menu (make sure you select the term for which you are applying, from the term "drop-down menu")
  • Click on Scholars Program Application
  • Begin the Application using your SMC login credentials (username and password): Please note:  read the above instructions carefully and have your documents ready to upload, as the application will time out at 45 minutes.  If you near that time limit, press "Save Progress".  You will be able to log back in to for pending applications or application history ONLY".  To begin a NEW application, please click the APPLY HERE link below.

Apply Here