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All tutoring services are being conducted in distance learning environments. There is no on-ground tutoring during the COVID​-19 pandemic. Make an online appointment through the TUTORING APPOINTMENTS link in the upper left of your Corsair Connect.​

Tutoring helps you, as a student, excel academically. Tutoring is a FREE service for all SMC students and is offered for most subjects. 

Depending on the course, we offer in-person tutoring in small groups on a walk-in basis or individual tutoring by appointment. We are committed to assisting students develop the skills and confidence needed to succeed in their coursework and in their academic, professional, and personal pursuits.

Did you know? No more waiting! You can now make a tutoring appointment online and get tutoring when you want it.

Schedule Tutoring Appointments on Corsair Connect

  1. To schedule a tutoring appointment, log ​in to Corsair Connect and locate the Tutoring Appointments button Main Tutoring Appointments Button.png

  2. You will be asked to register and then you can schedule an appointment for tutoring through the Business, Computer Science, Math, Modern Language, Science and Writing, and Humanities centers.

Benefits of Tutoring

  • You will gain a better understanding of the material from tutors who have mastered the coursework

  • You will be able to review key concepts from courses

  • You will be able to ask the questions you did not ask in class

  • You will be better prepared to participate in class

  • You will learn new methods for note taking and textbook reading

  • You will be able to formulate questions to take back to professors about course material

  • You will learn new study strategies

Tutoring Centers

Find hours, contact information, and more info.

Meeting With A Tutor

Start meeting with a tutor early! Although students can meet with a tutor at any time in the semester, tutoring is most effective if you begin early. Don't wait until you develop significant problems!

  • Tutoring is offered free of charge for currently registered students and it is available for most courses. When the campus is open, most centers offer drop-in tutoring service, and a few centers offer tutoring by appointment. To find out if there is tutoring in a particular topic, just review our Tutoring Schedules for the various centers. Note that the Tutoring Schedules are updated regularly, so make sure you check this webpage frequently to verify that you have the correct schedule for that day.

  • After you review the availability of one of our tutors that fits your schedule, just contact the tutoring center and meet with one of the tutors available. During the tutoring session, there may be one or more students with you.

  • If you need assistance in a course that is not listed on our schedule, please speak with the Tutoring Coordinator in the related Tutoring Center.