About Job Interviews


Job interviews are an essential step to landing a job by avoiding being screened out and convince the employer/interviewer that you can make a contribution to their organization.

Explore the steps below to prepare for any future interviews! We wish you all the best!


Before the Interview

Know Yourself: strengths, values, interests, skills, accomplishments, goals, etc.
Prepare Your Materials: resume, references, transcripts, supplemental materials.



Understanding Interviews

Interviews help employers get a better sense of their candidate qualifications. Here are some things employers are looking for and how they will determine it within an interview.



During the Interviews

During the interview, you should be prepared to provide an answer to any question with examples of situations where you have demonstrated behaviors and skills. Always listen carefully to the questions and ask for clarification if necessary. 

Go through some of the most common interview questions below and be prepared to provide an answer and example for each. 

General Interview Questions

Behavioral Interview Questions

Illegal Questions

Interview questions must all be job/experience related. If questions come up that are illegal or improper, such as questions about your family plans, etc, then you need to consider your options:

Questions You Can Ask

Always be prepared to ask your interviewer questions. It's a great opportunity to show you have done some research and are interested in the position.



After the Interview


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