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Job Search Resources

There are many sites you can search for a job or internship on - including google, here are a few for you to consider:

Job Search Resources

HireSMC: Jobs & Internships for SMC Students

As a student at SMC you have access to a free account were you can learn about all things career related happening on campus including:

  • internships & jobs posted just for SMC students
  • on campus job postings
  • career events to help you explore majors & meet faculty and employers
  • resources to help you build resumes & portfolios

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Resume Examples and More

In order to land an internship or job you will need a Resume and Cover Letter and in some cases a portfolio of your work. Because resume expectations are different depending on the job you are interested in, we have sample resumes and networking tips for you by area of interest below.

Just need a quick resume for a customer services or retail job?  Check out the business resume!

Additional Student Resources

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