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Job Search Resources

There are many sites you can search for a job or internship on - including google, here are a few for you to consider:

Job Search Resources

HireSMC: Jobs & Internships for SMC Students

As a student at SMC you have access to a free account were you can learn about all things career related happening on campus including:

  • internships & jobs posted just for SMC students
  • on campus job postings
  • career events to help you explore majors & meet faculty and employers
  • resources to help you build resumes & portfolios


For more information on how to use HireSMC watch this Hire SMC video and read the following Hire SMC PDF

Getting The Job

Getting the job is a job! It requires creating a:

Area of Interest Career Resources:

General guides are provided above but if you are looking for a job in a specific industry check out the resources here: 

Additional Student Resources


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The items listed above are just a few of our available resources! There are additional ways to get the job! Contact the Career Center to receive custom help based on your specific needs. 

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