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Like Finding a Job...Only Easier!

Internships are similar to jobs in that you must look for opportunities and apply for them as you would a job. It is often easier to obtain an internship, since the employer is not making a long-term commitment to an intern and will usually not be as selective in choosing an intern.

If you want to look for internships or jobs through Santa Monica College's database, visit HireSMC and complete the registration. Once registered, you will be able to view hundreds of listings meant for SMC students.

Internships are Available in Many Fields...

Business: Management & Administration, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Sales, Computers, and others.

Other Fields: Graphics, Entertainment, Art, Journalism & Writing, Public Relations, Government, Tourism & Leisure Services, Social Welfare, Health, Science, and more!

Internship Resources

  1. Internship Listing Websites: Opportunities are found on websites devoted to internships and jobs. Check on

  2. Company Websites: Look up specific company websites on the Internet.

  3. Direct Company Contact: Telephone or go in-person to companies to ask about internships.

  4. Networking: Ask friends and acquaintances for leads to people working in companies of interest to you.

  5. Library Databases: These resources may be used to find companies to call.

  6. Ask Us: Internship Program staff will be glad to help.

Internship Opportunities

Students must apply each year, before annual deadline dates, as shown.