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F-1 International Students Internship/Curricular Practical Training Requirements 

CPT is based on enrollment in an internship class and your employment will begin and end with the start and end dates of the semester or session. You will earn course credit (1-4 units), and your internship may be paid or unpaid. 


Answer these questions: 

  1. Have you completed at least two consecutive academic semesters in full-time status? 

  2. Is your GPA 2.0 or higher? 

  3. Are you in good immigration status now? 

  4. Will you be enrolled full-time during the semester of your internship (at least 12 units in the Fall or Spring) or 0 – 8 units in the summer, if you are a continuing SMC student? 

If you answered “YES” to all four questions, you are eligible for an internship. 

How to Apply 

  1. Visit the International Education Center (IEC) and request an Internship Eligibility Application. 

  2. If your Eligibility Application is approved, find the internship that you would like to do and apply. If you need help finding an internship, visit the Career Services Center. 

  3. After an employer offers you an internship position, it’s mandatory that you attend an Internship Orientation Session. Visit the Career Services Center website to view the Internship Orientation Sessions on-line or pick up a schedule at the Career Services Center. 

  4. Complete the required internship program forms. 

  5. Visit the IEC office for your final authorization appointment. 

  6. Add an internship course, pay the fees for the course and start your internship.