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We test all Apps for accessibility. The chart below will show you the status of the Apps submitted for use. All Apps that have passed will be available for you to use. Please contact the Canvas Team to add them to your class.

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Canvas App Accessibility Status

App Name Status
Adobe Connect Passed
ALEKS Passed
Alta Knewton Passed
Atomic Jolt Search Passed
Auralia Not Accessible
Badgr Passed
Blackboard Collaborate Passed
Calendly Not Accessible
Cengage Learning Passed
Classcalc Not Accessible
ConferNow Zoom Passed
Derivita Passed
Dropbox Passed
EdPuzzle Passed but Use with Caution
Films On Demand Passed
Flipgrid Passed
GitHub Classroom Passed
Gradescope Passed
Go React Passed
Google Apps Passed
Graph Builder Not Accessible
iClickr (Classic & Sync) Passed
Hypothes.is Passed
Internet Archive Passed
Kaltura Open Source Video Passed
Kendall Hunt Content Passed
Khan Academy Passed
Lumen Learning Passed
MacMillan Passed
MacMillan Learning Passed
MATLAB Grader Not Accessible
Mathematica Passed but Use with Caution
McGraw Hill ConnectED Passed
McGraw Hill Campus Passed
Mural Not Accessible
Musition Not Accessible
Newsela Passed
NBC Learn Passed
OER Commons Passed
Office 365 Passed
Pearon MyLabs Passed
Pearson (Revel) Passed
Piazza Not Accessible
PlayPosit Passed but Use with Caution
Pronto Passed but Use with Caution
Quizlet Not Accessible
RedShelf Passed
Redirect Tool Passed
Reef Passed
Respondus Passed
Rosetta Stone Passed
Smarter Measure Passed
Smart Thinking Tutoring Passed
Tegrity Passed
TestOut Passed
Twitter Passed
Vista Learning Passed
Voice Thread Passed
Wikipedia Passed
Wiley Plus Passed
YouTube Passed

Use with Caution

If the app is marked as Under Review – Use with Caution, faculty must include this message in the course syllabus:

“This course requires the use of [Canvas App Name], which is not accessible to users of assistive technology. If you use assistive technology to access the course material, contact me [faculty contact info] and Center for Students with Disabilities at 310-434-4265.”

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