In an Emergency 24/7

From any campus phone,
call 4300 or 911

From a mobile phone,
call SMC dispatch

If off-campus, call 911

Alison Brown, Ph.D., Coordinator, Licensed Psychologist

Danilo Donoso, Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist

Michelle Pereira, LCSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Leyla Arenas, Student Services Assistant

Carol Lazo, APCC, Postgraduate Intern

Denise Maratos, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Intern

Claudia Cardenas, Social Work Intern

Lauren Hellum, Social Work Intern

Eric Pcholinski, Social Work Intern

Part-time Psychotherapists

Available in Special Programs and Satellite Campuses. Please use contact information below to schedule appointments:

Jennifer Bulger, Psy.D.
STEM Program 
available Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays
Contact email:

Julyssa Guevara, LCSW
DREAM program available Mondays and Fridays
Contact email: or call (310) 434-4892

Marianna Oganesyan, LMFT
Satellite campuses
, available Tuesdays (Bundy), Wednesdays (CMD), and Thursdays (PAC)
Contact number 310-434-3549 or email at

Shelley Pearce, LMFT
Center for Students with Disabilities
, available Mondays and Thursdays, Fall and Spring semesters only.
Contact number 310-434-4265

Maria Reynoso, Ph.D.
Black Collegians/Adelante Program available Mondays and Thursdays. 
Contact number: 310-434-4232 (Black Collegians) or 310-434-4459 (Adelante)

Susana Stewart, LCSW
EOPS/Guardian Scholars/CalWorks, available Wednesdays.
Contact number 310-434-8774

Isra Yaghoubi, Psy.D.
International Education Center, available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays.
Contact email: or submit an initial appointment request form