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Brother to Brother Mentoring

Brother to Brother is a mentoring program at Santa Monica College that pairs up male students from the Black Collegians and Adelante Programs with male students from John Adams Middle (JAMS). Our Brother to Brother program objective is to expose middle school students to positive male role models and demystify the "college world" to them.

Hombre a Hombre/Brotha to Brotha

Hombre a Hombre & Brotha to Brotha are monthly workshops hosted by male counseling faculty from the Adelante Program and Black Collegians Programs. An overarching goal is to create community among men of color by meeting on a consistent basis throughout the year. During the monthly meetings, men discuss topics which include financial aid, relationships, and time management.

Men of Color Conference

The Men of Color Leadership Conference organizers are a group of men (faculty/staff/administrators) from Santa Monica College, El Camino College, Long Beach City College, Pasadena City College, and Compton College. The goal of the event is to ignite a collaborative spirit between students who are men of color from various college campuses and leaders (faculty/administrators) who have access to social capital that has the ability to support them. Through the conference that is free of charge, students are exposed to various types of resources to support their academic, personal, and professional success.

Men of Color Mentoring

Men of Color Mentoring pairs up men of color who are faculty and administrators/staff of the college with male students from the Black Collegians and Adelante Programs. The program's objective is to support the development of positive relationships between male college students and role models who are men of color. Through the program, Adelante and Black Collegian students have consistent interaction with a male of color who can relate to some of the experiences they have encountered or will encounter throughout their trajectory in higher education and beyond.

Men of Color Action Network

The Men of Color Action Network (MOCAN) is an active support network which advocates for SMC’s Men of Color while focusing on the systemic (academic, political, social) change needed to cultivate a learning environment that optimizes the success of male students of color.

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