Student Support

Brother to Brother Mentoring



Using mentorship as a means to connect with these young men, Black Collegians and Adelante Programs student are committed to developing meaningful relationships with them, while providing encouragement and a tangible example of someone they can aspire to become.

Required Commitment/Schedule

Mentors/JAMS Students who participate in the program will need to be available every Thursday from 3:15 p.m. - 4:15 p.m.

Mentoring Schedule

During each session, the mentors will spend time with their students doing a variety of group activities, and specialized one-to-one time that may include playing board games, sports, or other activity in an effort to bond with the students.

To Be a Mentor or Have Questions

  • Dr. Joseph Eure, JAMS Assistant Principal: 310-452-2326 x 72217 or email:
  • Dr. Paul Jimenez, SMC counseling Faculty: 310-434-4496 or email:
  • Maria Rodriguez, JAMS Vision Program Coordinator

The power of mentoring: Lori Hunt at TEDxCCS