Student Support

Sexual Assault/Misconduct Prevention Support


In an Emergency 24/7

From any campus phone,
call 4300 or 911

From a mobile phone,
call SMC dispatch

If off-campus, call 911

SMC have trained individuals who can receive complaints and/or answer questions about sexual assault. These individuals are available for all SMC students, faculty, and staff. If the individual you are trying to reach is unavailable, select another individual from the list below.

Director, Human Resources

Tre'Shawn Hall-Baker, Director

Compliance Administrator/Title IX Coordinator

Lisa Winter, Compliance Administrator/Title IX Coordinator

HR Analysts

Gloria Chavez

Flavio Medina Martin

Care and Prevention Team Case Manager Coordinator

Lina Ladyzhenskaya, Case Management Coordinator

Department Chairs

Department chairs are regarded as 'Responsible Employees'