Student Judicial Affairs

Plagiarism Workshops


About Student Lingo

Students are assigned plagiarism workshops on Student Lingo

Within Student Lingo, there are many different workshops that students can access.

In addition to plagiarism and academic dishonesty workshops, there are many more options for students to utilize, such as:

  • 10 Habits of Mind for College Success
  • 10 Tips for Success in Your Online Course
  • Classroom Expectations and Behaviors
  • Developing a Strong Thesis Statement

Getting Started with Student Lingo

You can sign up as an instructor and take a look at all the options. After a student completes the workshop, there is a quiz to be taken and when the quiz is completed they will receive a certificate of completion. 

Some professors have included the Understanding and Avoiding Plagiarism workshop and quiz, as an assignment at the beginning of the semester. The workshop is 18 minutes long and the quiz follows the workshop.

Instructions for Faculty and Staff

  1. Go to
    1. Student Lingo is available 24/7/365
  2. Register/sign in with your SMC email
  3. Answer three mandatory questions:
    1. Student ID # (Faculty and Staff will enter a “0” as their SMC ID #)
    2. Where/how did you hear about Student Lingo Workshops? Enter SJA (Student Judicial Affairs)
    3. Select affiliation with SMC (Student, Faculty or Staff)
  4. Browse the workshops.

Note: Student Lingo will not share your email address, however, the email must be an SMC email or it will not allow you to join.


For any questions, email