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Student Responsibilities


Responsibilities as an SMC Student

According to the Santa Monica College Honor Code and the Code of Academic Conduct all students are expected to behave themselves honorably in all endeavors they undertake as students at the College. At the time of enrollment in courses, students certify their commitment to the following statement:

In the pursuit of the high ideals and rigorous standards of academic life, I commit myself to respect and uphold the Santa Monica College Honor Code, Code of Academic Conduct, and Student Conduct Code. I will conduct myself honorably as a responsible member of the SMC community in all endeavors I pursue.

Students also agree that in order to maintain an environment of academic integrity they will:

  • Familiarize themselves with the Code of Academic Conduct, Honor Code, and Rules of Student Conduct.

  • Behave in a manner that encourages learning and upholds the Code of Academic Conduct and Honor Code.

  • Act with fairness (i.e., not seek undue advantage) towards other students in classroom interactions, completion of assignments, examinations, or any other academic activity.

  • Make every attempt to prevent the unauthorized use of their work.

Resources to Support You

The Office of Student Judicial Affairs has compiled the following resources for student use. Whether or not you have been referred to our office for a discipline or an academic dishonesty issue, these resources will help you become a better student.

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