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According to the Code of Academic Conduct, and in order "to maintain the academic integrity of Santa Monica College, faculty and students must take responsibility for maintaining an educational environment characterized by academic honesty." To achieve this, faculty are charged with the following responsibilities:

  • Make every attempt to conduct the class in a manner that encourages honorable behavior, ensures equal opportunity for student success, and discourages academic dishonesty.

  • Inform students in writing and whenever possible verbally of the course requirements, grading procedures, and expectations for acceptable academic conduct and behavior.

  • Inform students of the SMC Code of Academic Conduct and the consequences to be implemented if any behavior counter to the policy occurs.

  • In instances where alleged academic integrity violations are filed, inform students of their right to due process.

  • Ensure that the appropriate process for reporting a violation of the Code of Academic Conduct is followed (see Reporting a Violation).


The Office of Student Judicial Affairs has compiled the following resources for faculty use. We encourage faculty members to read through these materials to help you manage your classes and student disciplinary cases.

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