Student Judicial Affairs

Classroom Removal Form


As an instructor, you are authorized to dismiss a student from your class for a violation of the Student Conduct Code taking place in the classroom (AR 4410.)  Under the law, this is called a classroom removal.   The dismissal may be for the day of the incident and for the next class session.  You must immediately report the dismissal to the College Disciplinarian.  During the period of the one or two class removal, the student cannot return to the class without your permission.

The most common cause for removal from a classroom is disruptive behavior.   In some circumstances, removal from the class for one session is sufficient to ensure that the student complies with conduct rules.  In other circumstances, the classroom removal will result in more serious discipline such as suspension or expulsion from school.

This form should be used to document a removal from the classroom.  Upon submitting this form, an email will be sent to the student confirming the classroom removal and all information on this form will be sent to the Campus Disciplinarian.  The Campus Disciplinarian shall decide what further action is required, which may include meeting with the student or instituting formal disciplinary proceedings.  IF YOU SUBMIT THIS FORM, YOU DO NOT NEED TO COMPLETE A SEPARATE DISCIPLINE REFERRAL FORM.

You should immediately call Campus Police whenever the physical safety of you or your students is threatened.  Under various provisions of the Penal Code enforced by Campus Police, officers have the authority to bar someone engaged in serious misconduct from College property while the discipline process is pursued.

Classroom Removal Form

Action Taken
Dismissed One Class:
Dismissed Second Class:
Do you feel that your physical safety or the physical safety of any student is threatened by the individual who has been removed from class?: