Malibu Campus



Sustainable Building Standards

The new campus incorporates the successful sustainable building standards of Santa Monica College within a new building that will be LEED® certified. It will promote efficiencies in water and energy use, feature a green roof, reduce storm water runoff, treat storm water runoff from the reconstructed surface parking lot, control night-sky light pollution meeting rigorous dark sky standards, incorporate native plants in project landscaping, and maximize the building’s operational efficiency by providing a passive air ventilation and circulation system.

Section Through Classroom


  • Low energy
  • Does not rely on wind: can take place on still, hot summer days when most needed.
  • Natural occurring force (convection)
  • Stable air flow (compared to wind)
  • Greater control in choosing areas of air intake
  • Sustainable method.

Wind Catcher Concept

Key Sustainable Features

Section A-A Through Classroom: Natural Convection

  1. Green Roof
  2. 30% Permeable Paving
  3. Storm Water Retention Basin
  4. Drought Tolerant Landscaping
  5. Sun Shade / Advanced Lighting Controls
  6. High Efficiency Dual Pane Glazing
  7. Ventilation Louvers
  8. Bicycle Parking
  9. Public Transportation
  10. Farmer's Market
  11. Natural Day Lighting
  12. Recycling Area