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About the Skill Builders (Noncredit) Program

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Santa Monica College offers a selection of skill builders (noncredit) courses available to the community at no cost (free)! Taking these skill builders (noncredit) classes can be done individually, or in some cases taking a series of classes can earn a certificate of completion. Skill builder classes provide robust learning environments and opportunities for personal and professional growth. These classes are practical, relevant stepping stones, helping you build essential skills for entry-level jobs.

Skill builder classes provide job training and can serve as a first step toward pursuing a certificate of achievement or associate degree at SMC.

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 Degrees and Certificates

Certificate of Completion - Introduction to Early Care and Education

0 units

This program serves as an introduction to the theoretical and practical knowledge required for working with young children in an early care and education setting. It will help you determine your level of interest in the early care and education field, prepare you for credit-bearing coursework in Early Childhood Education, and count toward the professional growth requirement for the renewal of an existing Child Development Permit. The program consists of a sequence of courses that offers you the knowledge and skills practice needed to gain employment as an entry-level Assistant Teacher or Family Child Care Provider.

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Certificate of Competency - ESL for College and Career Pathways

0 units

This is a companion certificate designed for non-native English speakers and can be earned along with the Introduction to Early Care and Education certificate. In addition to your ECE courses, you will complete ESL 994 and ESL 995. These intermediate/advanced ESL courses focus on developing your English language speaking, writing, listening, reading, vocabulary, and study skills related to what you will be learning in your ECE classes. You will produce written work and oral presentations as you apply critical thinking, cultural awareness, and autonomous learning strategies that are transferable to the field of Early Childhood Education.

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