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Michelle Aragon, Administrative Assistant

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Gary Huff, Department Chair

Our Mission

The SMC Education/Early Childhood Program prepares students for careers in early care and education, including transfer to a four-year college/university. In collaboration with high quality community partners, we offer coursework, mentoring, and field experiences that build student's capacity for integrating interdisciplinary knowledge and skills, critical thinking, inquiry driven practice, and advocacy to teach and support children, families, and the early care community.

Our Values

Our program value the diverse backgrounds, lived experiences, identities, and aspirations of our students. We acknowledge structural inequities that privilege some and disadvantage others. We engage students as collaborators in identifying inequitable practices and replacing them with those that advance justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in early care and education, so that they in turn can advance equitable learning opportunities and outcomes for themselves and the children and families they will serve.

Student Handbook

The Education/Early Childhood Student Handbook is full of tools and information that will be useful to you, whether you are just beginning in our program, making steady progress through your pathway, getting ready to dive into hands-on fieldwork experiences, or nearing the end of your journey with us at SMC.

Programs of Study

Infant & Toddler Teacher

Embark on a rich path of growth and professional development in our Early Childhood Education Infant & Toddler program. Infant and toddler professionals work in early childhood education centers, child development facilities and family child care homes.

Degree Information

Preschool Assistant & Teacher (Transfer Pathway Available)

Make a difference in children’s lives during key stages of growth and development. Preschool, or pre-kindergarten (Pre-K) is an early childhood education program that provides care and education to children between the ages of 3-5 years.

Degree Information

Transitional Kindergarten Teacher

Earn a multi-subject credential and immerse yourself in an interactive, experiential learning environment that trains you to teach Transitional Kindergarten or TK.

Degree Information

Elementary Teacher Education (Transfer Pathway)

The perfect fit if you plan to transfer and complete a Liberal Studies Degree and a multiple-subject teaching credential for a career as an Elementary School Teacher.

Degree Information

Early Intervention Assistant

Our specialized early childhood intervention program equips you with the knowledge, tools, and experience you need to teach from a culturally sensitive and family-focused perspective. We emphasize strengths-based learning for individuals across all abilities and backgrounds.

Degree Information

Nature-based Pedagogy

This unique program provides a foundation in environmental education and stewardship for early educators through the lens of developmentally appropriate nature-based practices. Explore nature focused activities through the principles and practices of the Forest Kindergarten movement and learn how to create, manage, and promote a high quality outdoor learning environment for children.

Degree Information

Child & Adolescent Development (Transfer)

The Child and Adolescent Development degree is designed for students who intend to work with children, youth and their families in social work, community-based settings, in preparation for elementary or secondary education services, counseling, developmental psychology and non-profit agencies.

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Skill Building (Noncredit)

Free skill building classes provide job training and can serve as a first step toward pursuing a certificate of achievement or associate degree at SMC.

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Gainful Employment Information

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