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New Students

If you have recently been admitted to SMC but haven't started classes yet, you have access to:

  • Corsair Connect — student self-service system: The name of SMC's athletic teams is "The Corsairs". "Corsair" is an old word for some pirates and privateers who lived around the sixteenth century.
  • Gmail — student email (Access from Corsair Connect)
    • Log in to student email from the Gmail link on Corsair Connect.
    • You must log in to Corsair Connect to set your password at least five minutes before the first time you use SMC Gmail student email.
    • Email address ends with ""
    • SMC student email account only sends and receives emails to and from SMC email addresses ("" and "").

Current Students

if you are enrolled for the semester currently in progress, you also have access to:

  • Google Apps: SMC Google Gmail student email, Google Drive, Google Docs, and several other Google services
  • Microsoft 365 (originally called Microsoft Office 365): Your SMC student email account will send and receive messages to and from any email address, including those outside of SMC, starting on the first day of class.

Current Students in Classes with Specialized Software

if you are enrolled for the semester currently in progress, and are also enrolled in a specific class that has arranged to use specialized software, you also have access to that software through the "Virtual Computer Lab". Your instructor will tell you if you're in one of these classes.

SMC Virtual Computer Lab

Former Students (Alumni)

if you are a former student (alumnus) of SMC, you can continue using Google Apps for up to two years after your last class, unless there are cybersecurity issues or rule violations discovered with your account. However, move any items stored in Google Apps (including Drive) to your own non-SMC personal Google account as soon as possible after your last class.

Once the two years are up, you can file an application for readmission to reactivate your Corsair Connect account and a restricted SMC student email. At that point, your SMC computer services will have the same restrictions as newly admitted future students, until you resume taking classes.

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