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Technical Support for Students

You can get technical support for many SMC-sponsored computer services if:

  • you are enrolled in a class for the current semester or a future one
  • you were admitted (or readmitted) within the last six months
    • If you were admitted more than six months ago but never enrolled in a class, please file a new admission application.
  • you are a former student who enrolled in a class during the last two years.

Please choose ONE of the following options to get technical support:

  • Email (only if you can log in to your assigned SMC student email account)
    • From an SMC student email account, email your question to
      • Please use the "Online form" (below) to help verify your identity if you cannot log in to your student email account.
      • Our spam filter will quarantine (delay) or block email sent from non-SMC email addresses.
  • Online form: Student Tech Support form
    • If you cannot log in to your assigned SMC student email account, please use the online form.
      • Leave "username" blank if you don't know it. It is the part of your assigned SMC student email address before "".
      • Give the personal email address you already have on file with the College, if possible:
        • the email address you gave on your admission application, OR
        • the email address entered later on the Profile/Preferences page of the Corsair Connect student self-service system
      • If you give a different email address, there might be a long delay since we might have to ask more questions to verify your identity.
  • An automated studentITHELP chatbot (which might give you an immediate answer)
    • Click the yellow bubble at the lower right corner of this screen. It will either answer your question or forward it to 
  • Telephone: 310-434-3111 (CLOSED UNTIL TUESDAY, JANUARY 4, 2022. Voicemail messages left before January 3 will not be returned, as they won't be saved long enough.)
      • Please have your SMC student ID number ready.
      • We only have a limited number of phone lines. We might be helping somebody else when you call.
      • If your call goes to voicemail it will be sent to us as an email (the same as you sending an email or filling out the Student Tech Support Form).
      • Your call may be returned by either telephone or email.
      • Please include in your voicemail:
        • SMC student ID number
        • First and last names
        • Telephone area code and phone number
        • Issue you're calling about
      • Since we have many callers, we sometimes have to limit the maximum time with a caller to fifteen minutes or less per day.


Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 9:30 p.m.
Saturday:  8 a.m. - 3 p.m.