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Common Questions

When can I use specific SMC systems?

Where are the instructions for Corsair Connect?

Where are Google's instructions for SMC student email (a special Google Gmail account)?

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Summary of online services

Corsair Connect

This is the student self-service system.

It will show your class schedule. You can add or drop classes.

Our athletic teams are called "The Corsairs". A "corsair" was a French or Barbary Coast pirate or privateer several hundred years ago.


SMC automatically creates a special email account for every student. It is used to communicate with SMC.

Your address ends with ""


This is an online learning service.

Most classes use it to distribute the syllabus.

Your account is created two weeks before class starts, or one day after you enroll, whichever is later. A class shows up whenever the instructor publishes it (usually the first day of class).


Microsoft 365

You can use Microsoft Word, Excel, and specific other programs for free during any semester you are enrolled in a class. This ends if you drop all classes or the semester ends.

Chromebook hardware loan

SMC has loaner Chromebooks available.

Citrix Workspace

Citrix Workspace connects students in specific SMC classes (ask your instructor) to a real computer inside an SMC computer lab.

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