Institutional Research


The Office of Institutional Research (IR) at SMC supports the College’s mission and goals related to institutional effectiveness, student learning and success, and campus climate by:

  • providing quality, accessible, and relevant data, research, and tools;
  • facilitating evidence-informed decision-making, strategic planning, and continuous improvement processes; and,
  • promoting a culture of equity-minded inquiry.

The IR Office actively collaborates with various administrative, instructional, and student support offices to advance the College’s racial equity mission of “providing an equitable learning and working environment” and improve the outcomes and experiences for racially minoritized students and employees by:

  • Applying a race-conscious and equity-minded lens to data collection, analyses, and reporting;
  • Integrating critical concepts into trainings and support materials to support sense-making of racial equity data;
  • Fostering opportunities for practitioners to engage in equity-minded inquiry to improve insight about why equity gaps exist;
  • Facilitating communities of practice around equity data; and,
  • Infusing the values of racial equity into our daily work.

Office mission revised 5/4/2022


Fast Facts

Overview of key information and statistics about Santa Monica College


Data Dashboards

Interactive, dynamic data dashboards containing information about students, enrollments, course outcomes, and degrees and certificates (Precision Campus and Tableau)

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Get access to selected data and research reports and infographics

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Resources, Trainings, and Guides

Training tools, guides, and videos to help you compile, analyze, and activate data about your courses and programs

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