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College Central Network

The College Central Network is a free searchable employer data base, like or LinkedIn, but it is just for employers seeking to work with Santa Monica College students. The following opportunities can be found on this website:

  • Internships
  • Off-Campus Jobs
  • On-Campus Jobs

College Central Network

  1. Click on “Student” and register.
  2. If you have a 6-digit SMC ID number, enter a 0 before your ID number when registering. If you have a 7-digit SMC ID number, enter the full 7 digits.

Find On-Campus Jobs

  1. Log into your account.

  2. Select Search – My School’s Jobs.

  3. Under View jobs by Job Type, select student employment.

  4. The jobs listed will indicate whether they are available for “Federal Work Study” or “Student Help” or both.

F-1 Student Eligibility

  • Student Help jobs.

  • To work off-campus, if they receive approval from their immigration specialist as part of their CPT or OPT.

  • To participate in internships after they receive their eligibility letter from their immigration specialist and enroll in an internship course.

*Intensive English Program Students are not eligible for these opportunities.

On-Campus Job Requirements

Student Help Requirements

  • Students may work 20 hours per week during fall & spring semesters and 30 hours for winter & summer semesters.

  • Students must be enrolled in 12 units or more at SMC for the fall and spring semesters. To work during summer or winter, students must be enrolled in 12 units or more at SMC for the fall and spring semesters.

  • A student can work in the winter or summer, if not enrolled in 12 units in the prior spring or fall, as long as they were previously enrolled in at least 9 units during those semester and will enroll in at least 3 additional units during winter and summer.

Federal Work Study Requirements

  • You may only apply to federal work study jobs if you have been awarded Federal Work-Study funds through financial aid. Review your FAFSA Application and check the appropriate box to see if you qualify for FWS funds.

  • Students under FWS can work a maximum of 10 hours per week.

  • Students can work during the winter if currently enrolled in 3 units or enrolled in 6 units for fall and/or spring.

  • There are no FWS jobs available during the summer semester.

Internships Requirements

Current Santa Monica College students must:

  • Have completed 6 units in the prior fall or spring semester at Santa Monica College

  • Find an internship. Visit the Career Services Center if you need help finding an internship.

  • Attend a mandatory internship orientation session during the enrollment period. The schedule can be found at

  • Enroll in an internship course for unpaid internships as mandated by CA Education Code. Course enrollment is optional for paid internships.