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Detailed information and requirements to join SMC Promise and remain eligible.

Deadline to Join SMC Promise 2024-2025

You only need to "Opt-In" to join SMC Promise once your first eligible semester. Hence forth, you will automatically be eligible so long as you are enrolled in the required units- 12 units/ DSPS unit reduction, by the deadline dates below and meet ALL eligibility requirements for each term. 

  • FALL 2024:  September 08
  • SUMMER 2024:  June 30
  • SPRING 2024:  February 25
  • WINTER 2024:  January 14
  • FALL 2023:  September 10
  • SUMMER 2023: July 2

SMC Promise Eligibility

A student's SMC Promise Eligibility starts the first Fall semester in which they would qualify for benefits whether they attend or not. Students must meet and complete the SMC Promise requirements consecutive Fall and Spring semesters to continue in the SMC Promise.

NOTE: The Summer/ Winter short-term semesters are OPTIONAL and are only covered by the SMC Promise benefits if you are meeting ALL the requirements.

1st Year Eligibility

A list of the requirements for all students interested in joining SMC Promise for the first time.


2nd Year Eligibility

A list of the requirements to continue with SMC Promise for a second year.

Summer & Winter Requirements

Additional information about taking classes during Summer & Winter sessions while a part of SMC Promise.

Regain Eligibility

Eligible SMC Promise students who meet their requirements at the perspective SMC Promise deadline for Fall/ Spring and do not complete their Unit Requirements with passing grades, A, B, C, D or Pass, become eligible to make up the deficient units in the subsequent short-term Summer/ Winter semester to Regain Eligibility.

Funding eligibility for the short-term semesters, Summer/ Winter, remains unchanged. Most students making up units will need to pay out of pocket for their fees. Students with a CCPG- Fee Waiver via the financial aid process will only need to pay for their Student Fees out of pocket.

The following are some examples, but are not limited to such examples, to give you a better understanding of how to Regain Eligibility:

If you have any questions about Regain Eligibility please send an email with your complete name and SMC ID number to the Welcomecenter@smc.edu or call 310-434-8101.

SMC Promise Special Consideration 

If you do not qualify to Regain Eligibility or if you have an extenuating circumstance, please email the Welcomecenter@smc.edu to request a SMC Promise Special Consideration. It is not guaranteed that you will gain eligibility, but your file will be reviewed. Or you can call for further information: 310-434-8101.