SMC Promise

Book Vouchers 101

A detailed look at how the Promise book vouchers work

Welcome to SMC Promise! Below is everything there is to know about the SMC Promise book vouchers, all in one place. 


To be eligible to receive the book voucher, students must:

  1. Be an official SMC Promise student. Since this book voucher is specifically for Promise students, any student who doesn't maintain eligibility for the program will not be able to take advantage of the book voucher either. 
  2. Have a completed a FAFSA or DREAM Act application on file for the school year(s) a student will be attending SMC as a Promise student. Make sure to have SMC listed as the recipient school on the application.
  3. Be eligible to receive the California College Promise Grant (CCPG) Fee Waiver. Students can apply for this fee waiver either through the FAFSA/DREAM Act application or separately through the Corsair Connect portal. 

How to Use the Book Voucher

Important Update: The SMC Promise Book Voucher can now be used to purchase textbooks, materials and supplies only at the SMC Bookstore. 

  • Key Details

    When students are ready to use their voucher, keep this in mind:

    • Promise book vouchers have a value of up to $1000 in each the Fall and Spring semesters for eligible Promise students. They are worth up $500 in each the Summer and Winter, but only when Promise students are approved for 12 units during those terms. After that voucher amount has been spent, any books, materials and supplies purchased at the Bookstore will be covered by the student.
    • The voucher can only be used in the SMC Bookstore (online or in-person) for books, materials and supplies. Any other items that fall outside of the above-mentioned items must be paid for out-of-pocket.
    • This voucher is not valid at any other bookstore or retailer.
    • The voucher DOES expire. Every semester, there is a deadline for all vouchers to be used by. Once that deadline has passed, vouchers will expire and the funds will no longer be available. This means that students will have to purchase all items from the SMC Bookstore out-of-pocket.
      • Spring 2024 Voucher Period: Jan 22 - April 23, 2024
  • Step-By-Step Tutorial

    1. Navigate to, then click the link at the top right that says "You are not logged in".
    2. Click the button on the right to Create An Account.
    3. Once your account has been created, you will find and select all of the books, materials and supplies that you need to purchase for your classes and add them to your cart.
    4. Once your cart is complete, navigate to the checkout screen. While following the prompts, make sure to add your SMC student ID number in the appropriate field, and choose A/R Charge - SMC Promise as the payment method.

    For a visual tutorial on how to physically use the voucher, view our Book Voucher How-To video.

Frequently Asked Questions