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If you are part of the Retiring Class of 2019-20 (you retired before August 1, 2020), fill out this Next Chapter Questionnaire so you are honored on September 25!

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Celebrate SMC retirees in a virtual celebration!

Friday, September 25, 4 - 5:30 p.m. 

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We need to know you're joining us for the event and we'd like you to fill out the "NEXT CHAPTER" short survey by September 15. 

2019-20 Retirees

Name Department Years of Service
 Diana E. Aghabegian  English 29
 Vini M. Angel Health Sciences 30
 Miguel A. Aparicio Modern Languages and Cultures


 Sarah B. Ashleigh ESL 8
 Linda G. Babcock Business 29
 Esperanza Bolívar Owen Modern Languages and Cultures 40
 Jeremy W. Brigstocke English 32
 Alfred G. Buchanan Life Sciences 28
 C. David Burak English 32
 Vicente P. Cassano Life Sciences 11
 Monica Chaban CSIS 20
 Henrietta E. Charles Communication 18
 Stuart Cooley Earth Sciences 11
 Gordon H. Dossett English 36
 Vicki G. Drake Earth Sciences 19
 Tracey L. Ellis  ESL 22
 Blue Fier Photography and Fashion 26
 Hanne A. Frech Emeritus 19
 Marvin H. Friedman Health Sciences 40
 Carol A. Fuchs English 22
 Anneliese Gerl Modern Languages and Cultures 34
 Michael Joseph Gustin  English 31
 Elean F. Halaka Mathematics 21
 Reza Harandian Mathematics 22
 Janet Harclerode ESL 31
 Donald G. Hartman Art 45
 Stanley E. Hecht Mathematics 15
 Ashward Henry Campus Police 18
 Robert Hershon Media Center 12
 Darrell Heximer Receiving 31
 Sharon R. Jaffe ESL 37
 Kian Kaviani Mathematics 21
 Lesley A. Kawaguchi  History 28
 Michelle King Career and Contract Education 12
 Margaret L. Kline Physical Sciences 31
 James A. Krusoe English 39
 Micky Kwan CSIS 22
 Daniel Landau English 39
 Helen Ledonne  Cosmetology 22
 Linda D. Leon Health Sciences 11
 Nettie F. Lerner Education 9
 Debra Levitt ESL 24
 Myrna L. Lewis  Counseling 15
 Edward A. Markarian English 21
 Robert Massey Philosophy and Social Sciences 20
 Moya M. Mazorow Mathematics 27
 Catherine V. McNamara Communication 24
 Elizabeth R. Mejia Outreach  20
 Mitra Moassessi Mathematics 35
 John L. Moss Life Sciences 20
 Kathleen Motoike English 12
 Daniel L. Nannini Counseling 31
 William H. Nault Business 38
 James Joseph Pacchioli English 30
 Cassandra Patillo Counseling 24
 Thomas M. Peters Disabled Student Center 14
 Franklyn Phillips Art 44
 Elaine Polachek Superintendent/President's Office 2
 Ludmila Posner Modern Languages and  Cultures 39
 Anne Powers  Library 44
 William M. Price Life Sciences  35
 Ben Prong Media Center 14
 Hernan C. Quiñones Modern Languages and  Cultures 29
 Eileen R. Rabach Philosophy and Social Sciences 27
 Sandra L. Rowe Wellness Center 11
 Herb J. Sandoval Kinesiology 19
 Stuart Seldon Media Center 20
 Anntippia D. Short  Health Sciences 11
 Gary T. Todd English 21
 Michael P. Tracey ESL 24
 Bruce Trentham Emeritus 12
 Toni Trives Modern Languages and  Cultures 30
 Giovanni N. Trombetta Modern Languages and  Cultures 39
 Arlene Vaillancourt Emeritus 40
 Marian M. Winsryg Art 32