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Call for Faculty Proposals for Study Abroad
Winter or Summer Sessions-Proposals accepted year-round 

Where in the world would you like to teach?                           


Santa Monica College is seeking proposals from faculty teams to co-lead and teach our study abroad programs. Collaborate with a fellow faculty member to create your own study abroad program for either a winter or summer session. You pick the destination. You pick the courses.

A team of two faculty members will lead the program(FT/FT, FT/PT, or PT/PT) Each team is encouraged to propose a program of two complementary courses that are particularly suited to being offered in the proposed foreign setting. Applicants must have a minimum of one academic year of SMC teaching experience to be eligible. It is strongly encouraged that one or both faculty members have prior experience leading student groups within the U.S. and/or abroad, particularly to the proposed host country. Final selection of the faculty leaders is at the sole discretion of Academic Affairs.

The college will support one proposal for each session (winter or summer) consisting of a team of two faculty for the SMC Study Abroad Program that draws upon the faculty members' expertise and offers students a cohesive, rewarding academic experience. The selected courses will offer academic credit and meet the course outline of record for the proposed courses. Preference will be given to courses that are particularly suited to being offered in the proposed host country/countries, that meet the IGETC and/or UC-CSU transfer requirements, and that have appeal to a broad spectrum of students. Proposals should include two courses that fulfill two different areas of IGETC and/or UC-CSU transfer requirements.

Study Abroad programs are an important part of the District's efforts to encourage students to become global citizens. These programs are also important for professional development, to encourage faculty to remain current within their disciplines, and to become more aware of different cultures throughout the world.

The program is structured around these principles:

  • Intensity of Experience – Instead of going on a bus tour that skims the surface of many places, students gain a deep understanding of the environment, people, and culture of one area or region.
  • Affordability – To encourage broad participation, the costs will be kept as low as possible.
  • Safety – The program will be structured to minimize risk.
  • Unifying Theme – To provide students with a sense of the program's purpose and over-arching questions.

Guidelines for developing course proposals:

  • The courses offer academic credit and must meet the course outline of record.
  • The courses must be a general education transferrable credit course, IGETC preferred, with appeal to a broad spectrum of students.
  • Avoid courses with pre-requisites that will limit eligibility to participate.
  • Propose a course that is particularly suited to being offered in a foreign setting.
  • Show the connection between the course and the destination.

Proposals are accepted year-round:

Due to the pandemic, the GC Committee is not accepting proposals at this time.

You may submit your proposal at any time. But the  selection process will occur twice each year. Proposals are reviewed for selection approximately one year prior to trip date. This allows one year to develop the program and advertise to students. 
Selected applicants will be notified of their status after a review by the Academic Senate.

Proposal Guidelines/Faculty Responsibilities

Faculty Proposal Application

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