Public Policy Institute

Arts/Cultural Affairs Policy


Arts and Cultural Affairs Track

From museums to performance and across all media, the arts advance our culture, enrich our lives, enhance communities, and contribute greatly to the economy. The Public Policy Institute prepares students for careers in facilitating the operation of artistic and cultural organizations ensuring their growth and stability in fulfilling their missions. The expertise we build becomes more vital with each government budget cutback.

  • Art History 3, Western Art History III (3) (formerly Art 8)

  • Art History 11, Art Appreciation Introduction to Global Visual Culturs (3) (formerly Art 79)

  • Art History 72, American Art History (3) (formerly Art 72)

  • Dance 2, Dance in American Culture (3)

  • Dance 5, Dance History (3)

  • Dance 9, Dance Productions (3)

  • Music 31, Music History (3)

  • Music 33, Jazz in American Culture (3)

  • Music 36, History of Rock Music (3)

  • Music 37, Music in American Culture (3)

  • Theatre Arts 2, Introduction to the Theatre (3)

  • Theatre Arts 5, History of World Theatre (3)

Additional graduation requirements for the Associate degree and/or Certificate of Achievement from Santa Monica College are on a separate sheet available in the Transfer/Counseling Center.

Course Descriptions for Arts and Cultural Affairs Track

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For the Required Core Courses and Critical Thinking and Communication course requirements, go to the Public Policy Associate Degree & Certificate of Achievement