Volume VI, Issue 4 | October 29, 2020

SMC In Focus

A bi-monthly newsletter connecting the Santa Monica College community. Celebrating endless possibilities, innovation, and resilience.

We Persist, We Forge Ahead, We Shine

The year 2020 and all its attendant troubles has tested our ability to adapt and forge ahead. SMC in Focus celebrates the spirit of innovation that continues to shine—faculty who find creative ways to help students learn, students who teach us what it means to be resilient, classified employees who serve with heart and passion, our latest Stanford transfer, and a groundbreaking industry collaboration. Proud to be SMC!

Roman Ferede

Lab Results

Four Chemistry professors came up with creative ways to teach their lab coursework in the post-COVID virtual classroom. Inspiration came from (un)likely places, and the experience has been unique. 

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SMC Arts

Zooming Forward in Studio Arts

Meet four faculty-artists reaching for the clouds—both creatively and in their data usage—as they work to inspire, encourage and educate Corsairs under difficult social-distancing restrictions.

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Chern Xun Gan

He’s Going to Stanford!

Everyone expected Chern Xun Gan to attend a top university in his native Malaysia, or in a neighboring country. But Chern Xun had other plans and his choice would take him to Stanford University.

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Classified Information

Classified Information

Five SMC “classified champions” talk about helping their colleagues stay current, what drew them to SMC, and how they are managing the work-life balance.

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Corsair Alum

Bragging Rights

A Dance professor helps make dance inclusive. SMC Corsair alum in the NYT. A student takes part in a prized industry internship from home in Italy.

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Salesforce SMC

Force for Success

SMC and UCLA Extension joined industry leader Salesforce to teach students critical skills for jobs in customer relationship management through a new platform.

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