Dual Enrollment

College Regulations and Student Conduct


Student Conduct

Santa Monica College has a Student Conduct Rules and may discipline students in accordance with its provisions. The college also has the authority to remove students from a class or program if they are disruptive of the instructional process, do not respect the civil rights of other students, cannot benefit from instruction, or present health and/or safety hazards in a class.

To protect both the interest of the college and its students, SMC has an established “ due process” through which its disciplinary and removal powers are exercised. An appeal process exists for these policies as a further safeguard of student rights. Formal procedures also exist for grade appeals, matriculation, and disqualification. The Student Appeals Committee shall hear student appeals.

Visit the online college catalog for more information on college conduct and procedures.

Code of Academic Conduct

Santa Monica College, as a community-oriented, open-door, educational institution whose purpose is to educate and enlighten members of the community who seek knowledge, cannot and will not tolerate academic dishonesty.

In order to uphold the academic integrity of the institution, all members of the academic community, faculty and students alike, must assume responsibility for providing an educational environment of the highest standards, characterized by a spirit of academic honesty; therefore, given this premise, under no circumstances will academic dishonesty be tolerated at this institution. For further information regarding Academic Conduct, see the online college catalog.

Academic Policies

Eligibility to continue to attend SMC depends upon a student’s ability to remain in good standing.

Good Standing is characterized by a cumulative college grade point average of 2.0 “C” or better and completion of a required percentage of classes undertaken. Notification of probation status is included in grade reports mailed to students.

Students who are unable to remain in good standing are placed on either academic probation or progress probation. Students on probation can be required to seek counseling help and to participate in a “recovery” program. Students who recover are returned to good standing. Students whose probationary status worsens are subject to disqualification. Disqualification could mean dismissal from SMC for a full year before becoming eligible for readmission. Please, see the online College Catalog for further information regarding academic policies.