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Policies and Requirements


Dual Enrollment Requirements

Dual Enrollment gives high school students the opportunity to take Santa Monica College courses held at local high schools for high school and/or college credit. The program provides “advanced scholastic…educational enrichment opportunities for a limited number of eligible pupils” (Education Code, Section 48800 and 76002).


  • Attend high school in the United States. F-1 and F-2 visa students are not eligible to enroll

  • Complete 8th grade or equivalent before class starts.

  • Complete all forms with a high school counselor, who will help select classes that meet educational needs. Students are only permitted to enroll in classes approved by a counselor. All forms must be signed by a counselor.

    • Fill out a local school district principal approval and formal affidavit if you are in a home school program.

    • Parents or legal guardians must sign the Dual Enrollment Consent Form authorizing the student’s participation in the program.

    • Submit a transcript showing all completed high school courses and, if applicable, college courses.

  • Take assessment tests before enrolling in class:

    • English placement test if enrolling in courses that have a pre-requisite or advisory. Students must place into level B English, English 21A, or higher

    • Mathematics placement test if enrolling in courses that have a pre-requisite or advisory.


  • Tuition for classes are free if you physically attend a high school in California. Out-of-state students do not qualify for the fee exemption. High school students may be required to pay for parking, course materials, books, and health fees. The Associated Student representation fee and the student ID fee are optional.

  • Students are limited to 6 units, or 2 classes, per semester.


  • Courses offered are at the college level and instructors will teach at that level. Students may be exposed to and be involved in discussions of mature subjects.

  • Students are not allowed to take courses in subject areas that the student previously received below a C grade (most recent attempt), whether taken at the college or high school level.

  • Physical education courses are not available in the program.

  • Credit courses are college courses and will remain on the student’s permanent transcript record even if the secondary school uses the coursework as high school credit. Students wishing to forfeit the college credit must file the College Credit Forfeiture Request form within the first two weeks of the term. This decision is not reversible. The coursework will still appear on permanent record, but college totals will be adjusted and course annotated to show forfeiture.

Student Conduct

  • Dual Enrollment students must adhere to all college policies on course requirements, attendance, dates and deadlines, and any other applicable policies and procedures including the Student Code of Conduct. See college catalog or schedule of classes for policies.

  • Santa Monica College is not responsible for the supervision of minor students on campus outside of the classroom setting. Faculty are not expected to wait with students until their ride arrives. At times, classes may be dismissed early.

  • Students must act on their own behalf. Parents, guardians, relatives or friends of Santa Monica College students are not permitted to enroll, drop, or add classes on behalf of the student. This also applies to requesting transcripts. Student records are protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). SMC will not discuss or release student information to anyone, including parents, without the student’s signed written consent.

  • Dual Enrollment students may participate in extracurricular activities only at the high school level.


Samohi does not have parking for students.

Students can park on the street and will need to pay. For more information, see Parking in Santa Monica.