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Counseling-SMC Gateway to Persistence and Success (GPS)

SMC GPS is SMC's new Early Alert system to support student success and retention in the classroom. 

Counselors can use this retention tool with these key support and retention actions:

  • Kudos provide a student with positive reinforcement and encouragement. Kudos stay active on a student's profile for the remainder of the academic year.
  • Referrals alert a service (Counseling) area when a student needs more support. These items are raised by the instructor and closed by either the service area or the instructor. Instructors and/or counselors would reach out to students with flags. It is up to the student to reach out to tutoring services.

  • To-Dos are raised when you wish to remind a student to follow-up with another service on campus. The To-Do flag is raised and the student received a reminder email to go see this service.  

For more information, check out the GPS Counseling Best Practices 

How to Access SMC GPS

Counselors can login by going to the link below or finding the "Login" link on the main website and select GPS. You will enter your SMC username and password to login. This is the same username and password you sue for Corsair Connect.

Login to SMC GPS

Set Up Your Profile

Student Profile Setup  

  1. To update your information, click on your name to open your profile.
  2. Customizations:
  3. Add a photo. Note: Faculty and counselors can see your photo.
  4. Add contact information.
  5. Set calendar availabilities.
  6. Set and request personal email address notifications.
  7. Access text alerts.
  8. Set email reminder preferences.

For more information, view Faculty and Staff Demo Series - Updating Your Profile.

Set Up Office Hours

  1. The first time you use GPS, you can set up office hours.
  2. You can modify your office hours at any time through the Appointments top-level navigation in Starfish.

Note: Counseling will not be using the GPS Appointment process at this time. You can still publish your office hours for students to see when they view their Success Network. 

Clear Flags or Referrals

SMC GPS makes it easy for the user to document a solution, clear the flag, and communicate the resolution to the instructor with one easy step using the close the loop feature. Clearing a flag may happen when the student discusses the matter with flag raiser or referral contact and has a plan to get back on track.

A flag or referral was raised, what do we do now? Once the issue is resolved, you will need to "Close the Loop" to ensure that everyone involved knows that the issue has been taken care of. Review the GPS Counseling Best Practices handbook. Please make sure to check with your Department to review individual programs processes for clearing GPS items. 

Close the Loop

Instructor Managed Flags are both raised and closed by the instructor in a given course. These tracking items are designed to facilitate conversation between the student and the instructor. Students will be notified to go speak with their instructor.

Referrals Flags are designed to alert a service area when a student needs additional support. These items are raised by the instructor and closed by either the service area. Students will be notified that they need to speak with Counseling or Tutoring.

For more information, view the Counseling Best Practices Handbook.