Student Support

SI Leader Session Schedules


Supplemental Instruction is available during the Spring and Fall semesters.

Please click on the course name for session information. To attend a session, select the course below, review the location and time and arrive prepared. SI is a free academic assistance program that offers you help in learning the most difficult material in a course. Open to all SMC students.

Spring 2024 Schedule

SI sessions will begin on February 26th. Session schedules will be posted the week of February 19th.

Final Review Sessions

Final Review sessions for Spring 2024 will be posted later.

Drop-In Sessions

Drop-In Sessions allows students to ask more personal questions that focus on the content they need guidance and assistance with. The SI Leader will either work with students individually or in smaller groups to provide them with the ability to manage their own learning and study strategies by providing academic assistance in solving or answering the students' problems or questions rather than providing them with answers. SI leaders help students improve their learning strategies in order to promote independence and empowerment.

Scheduled drop-in sessions hours are limited to availability.