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Career Resources for Students


The Career Services Center is here to help you on your path to success. Whether you are undecided about your major/career or know exactly where you want to end up, the Career Services Center is a great place to start. We offer a variety of resources and programs to help you explore options and gain real-world experience. 

Discovering Your Career Path

Research Career and Major Resources

Research our Career and Major Resources if you want to know what you can do with a major or career.

Contact the Career Services Team

Contact the Career Services Center to see when we are open and to schedule an appointment with us.

Explore Career Areas of Interest

Explore Career Areas of Interests to learn about SMC majors and degrees, careers, and ways to gain experience.

Enroll in Counseling 12 - Career Planning

Enroll in Counseling 12 - Career Planning and we can help you explore majors and careers, show you how to develop your skills and abilities, teach you how to look for opportunities, and much more.

Try me3® Major and Career Game

Try me3®, an online interactive major and career quiz that helps you explore a major, identify a degree program offered at SMC and connect you to careers that fit your interests and passions.

View Tailored Resources

View Tailored Resources for Dreamers, F-1 international students, veterans, students with disabilities as well as re-entry students.

Gaining Experience

Applied and Service-Learning Program

Get involved in the community and gain real-life experience while earning course credit through the Applied and Service Learning Program.

Internship Program

Visit the Internship Program to learn where to begin the internship process, how to find an internship, and how to receive credit.

On-Campus Involvement

Learn different ways to develop your skills and experiences at SMC through On-Campus Involvement

On-Campus Student Jobs

View on-campus student job requirements and see what campus departments are hiring SMC students.

Part-time and Full-time Employment

Visit Part-time and Full-time Employment for more information on how to find a paid job. 

Volunteering/Community Involvement

Explore getting involved in your community through Volunteering/Community Involvement.

Getting Hired

Prepare Yourself for the Job Search Process

Finding a job takes time and preparation. Prepare yourself for the job search process.

Network Your Way into a Job

Network your way into a job, by creating a solid network with these strategies. 

Avoid Employer Scams

Not all postings are legit. Review these avoid employer scams.

Compose Your Resume and Other Documents

Compose your resume and other documents like a cover letter or list of references with our suggestions.

Get Ready for Your Interview 

Get ready for your interview by reviewing what you need to do before, during and after your interview..

Respond to Job Offers 

Learn how to respond to job offers, whether you are accepting or declining a job or need to know how to ask for more time.

Take Ownership of Your Work Experience

Make a positive impression, by taking ownership of your work experience.

Know Workplace Etiquette

Follow these workplace etiquette guidelines for greater success.

Follow-up on Your Work Experience

Take advantage of these opportunities, follow up on your work experience.

Attend Career Events and Workshops

View our Career Events and Workshops calendar to know when we are hosting a workshop, fair, employer info session, etc.

View HireSMC

Visit HireSMC, our exclusive online platform for on and off-campus jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities.

Follow us on Social Media

Follow us on Social Media and stay up to date with upcoming career events and opportunities.