Student Support

Following Up on Your Work Experience


When you leave a job, internship or volunteer opportunity, the idea of staying in touch with your old supervisor or some of your colleagues might seem odd. Reasons for you leaving might even be complex. However, a little effort to maintain contact can go a long way when it comes to the success of your career. Here's why and how.

Why You Should Maintain Contact With Previous Supervisors and Colleagues

How to Remain in Contact with Previous Supervisors and Colleagues

  • Follow their professional careers on a social media platform like LinkedIn
  • Email them a professional update. Let them know where you are at in your career
  • Schedule a time to visit their office and catchup. 
  • Set up a standing coffee or work lunch outing
  • Send a holiday or greeting card
  • If your contact info has changed, send an update.
  • When you come across professional and relevant articles about your career industry, send an email with a quick note saying, "thought this may be of interest."